June 11, 2014

My summer internship at Kipepeo Designs

My first day as an intern for Kipepeo was thoroughly enjoyable, and I learnt a vast amount in a very short space of time! Despite feeling a little anxious about my role, I was soon put at ease by Rachel, and Kathi- the outgoing intern. They both helped to show me the ropes, and make sure I understood everything. I instantly felt part of the Kipepeo family. Not only was I learning about my day-to-day roles, I was also included in a meeting to discuss the finer business details of the organisation, and to share views of what works best for the internship scheme. In the evening we were joined by about ten others for our 'packing party'. It was lovely to meet some of the people who are so invested in Kipepeo and its success, and by the end we were a very well oiled card-packing machine! It was great fun. I'm so glad I was accepted to do an internship at Kipepeo, as I can really see how much of a difference selling the cards makes to the women in Kibera, and now I can play a small part in that. I'm very much looking forward to the next month, and hope to come up with some bright ideas to boost sales.
Bea Bennett

May 29, 2014

Contemporary African Fabric arrives at Kipepeo Designs

We know that if we are going to encourage you to keep buying cards we need to be producing new designs. We are very excited about the initial reaction to our latest range. On trend vibrant colours and careful design combine to produce these lovely cards, useful for any occasion. This is a truly  international effort with the design by Sybille Linehart, a Swiss architect in London, the fabric from West Africa bought by an American, the paper made in Nairobi by our card makers and the design put together by our artist at Kipeepo, Syprose. We are hoping that other similar designs will follow and will keep you posted. The fabric used to make these cards will vary according to availability so we cannot specify the colours on the website but can guarantee that they will be beautiful!


In March, during my last visit to Kipepeo Designs, I worked with Syprose to produce some samples. Her ability to cut stencils and put together something beautiful was a joy to see.


This weekend we are expecting several boxes of cards to arrive in London with a great friend of Kipepeo Designs, Anna Mosby. We look forward to receiving your orders and watching our elephants march out of the office!

May 27, 2014

Save the date!


It's that time of year again...Kipepeo Designs are having a packing party on the evening of June the 5th. We're incredibly excited to catch up with all our lovely supporters. Do let us know if you're interested in helping out, and don't forget to save the date.

Please get in contact at: info@kipepeodesigns.co.uk

May 16, 2014

CRE International, Sandown 2014

Our chairperson of the board of trustees, Lee Taylor and our intern Kathi have been at CRE all week, trying to make new connections and spread the word about Kipepeo Designs. So far it's been extremely rewarding, and we would like to thank everyone for their support. 

April 11, 2014



We have been conducting several internship interviews over this past week. We've met some wonderful individuals who have all shown incredible enthusiasm in helping Kipepeo Designs continue their work. We're incredibly excited about the next couple of months! If you would like to find out about internship opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact us at rachel@kipepeodesigns.co.uk